Events and Exhibitions 2015/2016.

MARSCIANO ARTE GIOVANI, exhibitions “Premio Creatività 2016” Dynamic Museum, Sptember 2016, Città di Marsciano (PG).


Dynamic Museum of Brick and Terracotta. Spaces for temporary exhibitions. Also for its ninth edition, the Anthology with selected works in the competition presents a multifaceted character and multilingual: a path in which language, spatial coordinates, time and method of use, reference codes and cultural contexts are so many variables in constant motion. The ancient metric of Palazzo Pietromarchi spaces it is ivested by a multitude of contemporary signs, who contradict the break, the break up suggesting new orders, new systems, new configurations of meaning.


The Anthology also returns an image, however brief, of the Italian emerging art bottom lines: a universe as never varied in shapes, materials, different forms of expression, from photography to sculpture, from installations to painting, video-art to digital. The exhibition, curated by the Executive of Marsciano Arte Giovani, specifically aimed at creating a dialogue between all these “diversity”, as in finding a possible agreement between multiple drives, a communications plan and comparison between different languages.


“Il Sarto”
220 x 160 cm.



ENGANART exhibition  “Il CAMBIAMENTO” August 2016 Massa Marittima (GR).

eneganart-locandina-massa-marittima-2016EneganArt is a project that promotes the emergence of new interpretations, it compares different points of view and invests in talent.
Conformism and the tragic absence of deep content will inevitably have repercussions on our habits, our behavior and ultimately our own way of life to suffer more. In all this art it is always a need and an expression of the irrepressible spirit. In each of its many forms art it manifests itself as an allegory of what surrounds us. In presenting the theme for the contest EneganArt 2016, we invite all artists to reflect on the theme of change, certain that through art in all
its manifestations is possible to deepen and sensitize society to reflect on the changes
that surround our planet and embrace every one of us from small everyday gestures.



Opera:”Il Sarto”
220 x 160 cm.
Penna e matita bianca su cartone da imballaggio.


TEMPI ADULTI dal 29 Maggio al 3 Luglio 2016  Scuderie di Palazzo Aragona, Vasto (CH).

The exhibition, curated by Daniela Madonna and organized by Bruno Scafetta the “Laboratory Artibus“, offers interesting ideas for deepening and internalizing aspects of the flow of life of everyone im the long strecth from childhood to the next condition, the adulthood with his choices, his labors, his regrets, his hopes. Twelve artists are the stars of “adult time”, from various Italian realities: Erika Azzarello, Roberta Baldaro, Domenico Bindi, Alessandra Carloni, Jessica Ferro, Golsa Golchini, Vanni Macchiagodena, Paci Nuncio, Antonio Pallotta, Gabriella Sirignano, Monica and Spicciani Ricardo Aleodor Venturi.
The same event “meet you” becomes mature, getting ready to cut the ribbon of the fifteenth edition, and renewing its commitment to the promotion of aesthetic values, with particular attention to the younger generation. In the latter it has devoted a full calendar of educational and artistic events inspired the exhibition.






“The works of Ricardo Aleodor Venturi reconstruct the stages of human life from childhood, to youth, to adulthood. A special tenderness featuring portraits of the elderly, who show even smiling through the eyes. Old age is not seen as the epoch of the decline, but as a treasure chest of new days. The artist effectively uses the humble support of the cardboard packaging, filling agile rated of identity documents to graphic sign. The effect is fresh, spontaneous, original in its simplicity. “

Daniela Madonna



PESCARABRUZZO April 2016 exhibition works for environmental protection.

pescarabruzzoThe Art Competition “Pescarabruzzo Foundation: artwork for environmental protection” aims to raise awareness on the topic of waste and re-use, educate to respect of the environment, of the health and the energy saving, doing creative art a civic education tool. The Pescarabruzzo Foundation invites the artists to create innovative works from materials that have already had their own history. Recycling and creative reuse meant for a transformation in the forms of art, for a better quality of life. Rethink and valorize the environment is a cultural revolution of which you can become protagonists “.


Work:”Over the disability”



Exhibitions from Villa Caprile, Pesaro.


Establishment dating back to 1640, when the Marquis Giovanni Mosca commissions a summer residence for leisure and rest hills outside the town. The current complex is the result of succesive interventions on that date among which the most interesting is the expansion started in 1763 by Carlo Mosca Barzi and continued by his son Francesco. Carlo is also responsable for the reconstruction of the refined neoclassical imprint chapel. Outside are the magnificent gardens organized on 3 terraces. Today is the headquarters of the Agricultural institute ‘Antonio Cecchi’. During the summer the open-air theater hosts events and cultural events.



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